Impact & Outcomes

LifeCents is a proven online solution that transforms financial education from a nice-to-have to a must-have for partners and clients.

Clinton Global Initiative

FELA was selected as a partner to the Clinton Global Initiative to help show what works in financial education.

Who We Help

We make consumers financially healthy. Customers more loyal. Communities stronger. Partners more effective.

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Financial Institutions

Discover how you can use financial education to engage and empower your customers and prospective customers – and even connect them to your products in a responsible way.


Learn the benefits of providing a financial wellness program to your employees that includes a holistic view of personal finance – including your employee benefits.


Learn how our LifeCents program gives you the data and metrics to demonstrate the efficacy of your financial education program to your funders.

Financial Advisors

Improve your customer relationships by simplifying the “discovery” process. LifeCents helps you to understand your clients’ needs even before they walk in the door.