Dealing with finances can be complicated, which is why Bank on DC is an innovative program that promotes financial literacy. To achieve this goal we embrace and encourage our partners and sponsors, they assist us with communication and provide us with resources for learning. We have various partners who advocate for financial competency which includes Lifecents under Financial Education & Literary Advisers (FELA), Wealthy Life, and Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB).


FELA is a leading, independent provider of financial education services and educational technology solutions. Lifecents is an online resource that allows users to track their finances and complete long & short term goals. It is also an excellent outlet because it is digital and simple to advertise. CAAB is an organization that empowers low and moderate income residents of the Greater DC area to take control of their finances, increase their savings, and build wealth for the future. Wealthy Life is also a great resource teaching, to be more specific it’s a module based program which educates users through interactive game involving finances.

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