FELA's proven methodology drives the delivery of outcomes focused solutions for partners and clients.

How we do what we do oh so well.

Our MethodCapturing and utilizing real-time consumer data and insights for strategic planning and sustainable behavior change has been our mission since FELA’s inception. Likely the reason why we’ve met so much success is because most other consumer and financial education, employee engagement and wellness efforts are still focused on information dissemination, with little regard to individual relevancy whatsoever. It’s information overload and leaves most people still questioning “What is relevant to me?” and “Where do I start?”

This is in direct opposition to what we know works. It is contrary to personalization—truly the method that can solve the financial and health crises plaguing our country. We need to capture and analyze information about individuals so that we can help those individuals—rather than perpetuate a “one-size-fits-all” mindset.

It’s not surprising, then, that this is our backbone. Our key FELA differentiator. Education alone is simply not sufficient, nor can it operate in a vacuum. Instead, we challenge the status quo by focusing on personalization, relevance and outcomes. We do this by appreciating the value of program data and using it in a constructive way. We can then provide access to a support network of mentors and peers with common needs, interests and goals. When appropriate, we help to connect program participants to relevant and trusted products and professional services. It’s a proven business method that’s helping clients and changing lives.


The FELA Method

  1. Discovery. Help your customers/employees/students to identify individual interests, needs, goals, and potential threats.
    “I’ve started saving for retirement, but do I have enough?
  2. Education. Provide goal-based learning, intuitively relevant to individual objectives.
    “Wow. I didn’t realize people in my income bracket, at my age, have saved that much more than I have. I want to learn how to improve my financial health—now!”
  3. Motivation. Encourage your consumers to learn, develop capacities and work toward wellness using relevant incentives.
    “I’ve now identified a plan that can help me achieve my retirement goals and have a choice of incentives should I choose to pursue it.”
  4. Engagement. Create a sense of community by through comparative analytics and creating a dialogue with individuals.
    “I can see how I am progressing versus my peers. I like that I can contact a mentor or coach at any step along the way.”
  5. Connection. Be the hero! Satisfy your newly highly motivated, educated and goal-oriented consumers’ needs by linking your products and services to individual objectives.
    “I can access products, programs, and other resources that fulfill the plan I’ve identified. That’s great! Now I turned what I have learned into action.”

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