Our Approach

FELA's proven approach to financial education creates measurable value for consumers and partners alike.

Online Education

Our bread and butter. Thanks to years of experience and multiple iterations of our online platform, LifeCents™, we know exactly what it takes to successfully implement and manage effective online financial education services. How will you leverage our experience?

Online Financial Education

Data & Analytics

Our most unique and powerful quality. Other financial education services’ greatest downfall is the lack of real metrics beyond participation rates. Through our LifeCents™ platform, we measure and track outcomes over time in three core areas: Financial Behaviors, Financial Knowledge, and Financial Outlook. How will you use this information?

Consumer Data & Analytics

Consumer Engagement

The very best curriculum is useless without engagement. We developed LifeCents™ to utilize the information consumers provide to establish a personalized engagement strategy. This includes elements of gamification without the silly gimmicks that almost inevitably come with it.

Consumer Engagement