Employee Financial Wellness

Financially healthy employees are happy and productive employees.

Employee Financial Wellness

It’s not just financial education.

You’ve got to love the irony: standard employee financial wellness programs are not always financially smart business endeavors. Sure, they satisfy your HR requirement. But do they engage your employees? Increase productivity? Incite benefits participation? Make an impact on your bottom line?

At FELA, our approach to employee financial wellness is anything but standard. Imagine a financial wellness program that employees want to use.

Our online financial wellness program – LifeCents – is designed specifically to help employees improve their financial health and well-being. Employees can earn badges, unlock rewards and dynamically create personalized wellness plans to improve their financial health one step at a time.

Yet, LifeCents is also a powerful, flexible, cost-effective business solution that puts actionable data at your fingertips.

This is how you’ll stay fresh and relevant. This is how you can create new and exciting ways to communicate with your employees. This is how you’ll track and assess employee activity in real time. This is how you’ll seamlessly incorporate reward and incentive programs, improve participation rates and ROI for existing benefits, and sink your teeth into real data you can actually use to fuel decision-making.

All from an independent, unbiased partner who prioritizes your employees and your success.

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