Financial Advisors

Know your clients before they step through your door.

Save the day before your clients even walk in the door.

Financial advising is, on its deepest level, really about relationships. Your ability to manage and enhance the connection you have with your clients – and prospective clients – is critical to their success and yours. You have to quickly gain insight and understanding into the needs, goals and risks for each of your clients and prospective clients. But to do it well—to do it right—takes an extreme amount of time. Simply put, it’s an onerous task. We can help.

Client Engagement

We offer financial advisors and wealth managers a number of solutions to help you better engage your clients and prospective clients. But we are not seeking to reinvent the wheel by offering another personal financial management software solution. Instead, we provide solutions that give you another level of insight into the needs of your clients, and we help create exciting new ways for you to engage those with whom you work.

New Business Development

We can also help you grow your practice to find new clients who might be a good fit. Our LifeCents program is a powerful business development tool can be used as a serious competitive advantage when going after corporate accounts, even opening doors you might otherwise not have be able to crack. LifeCents is uniquely scalable, allowing you to interact with a much larger number of people than you could ever achieve alone.

Some examples of the arrows you can add to your quiver include:

  • Comprehensive behavioral financial health assessments
  • Financial “scorecards” and risk measurement
  • Turnkey or customized web-based education on topics that are aligned with your practice
  • Inter-generational education programs and resources to help you teach your clients to teach their kids about money
  • Client goal management to help make sure clients are prepared for meetings…ahead of time

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