Financial Institutions

Don't just provide financial education, use financial education.

Financial education is a win-win.

Your competition provides financial education to adhere to sweeping changes in the regulatory environment. But you’re smarter than that. You know that consumer and financial education programs associated with financial institutions create a deep engagement that translates into long-term customer loyalty and profitable relationships with consumers. The question is, which program can get this high-level job done?

At FELA, our experience in implementing business-focused consumer financial education solutions with financial institutions runs deep. Our innovative, flexible, turnkey program – LifeCents – is designed to create highly engaging consumer experiences while generating measurable value for our partners and clients.

Imagine providing a consumer financial education program that people actually want to use.

Imagine discovering exactly what your customers need, and delivering thoughtful, actionable, instant responses.

Imagine connecting consumers to your products and services in a responsible way.

Imagine helping consumers to improve their financial health, and in turn, their credit risk profiles.

Imagine building brand loyalty by offering consumers resources to help them be even better customers.

Imagine doing all of this easily, seamlessly and in real time.

Our approach to financial education is simply the most powerful way to create a profitable, win-win experience between consumers and your business.

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