3 Ways To Help Millennial Employees Get Financially Healthy

Many employee financial wellness programs focus solely on retirement, but this may be the wrong approach for Millennials, said Blake Allison, CEO of Financial Education & Literacy Advisers, a Washington, D.C.-based company that offers Web-based financial education solutions to companies.

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Lifecents, CAAB, Wealthy Life.

Dealing with finances can be complicated, which is why Bank on DC is an innovative program that promotes financial literacy. To achieve this goal we embrace and encourage our partners and sponsors, they assist us with communication and provide us with resources for learning.

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FELA Combines Financial Literacy, Behavioral Finance for Better Outcomes.

“…We believe a critical step that is often missing from financial education efforts is to first raise awareness among individuals of their financial health and their relative position in key areas of their well-being. People simply don’t know what they don’t know, so it is impossible to address the problems if they are not adequately diagnosed.”

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Meet Your New Financial Adviser (Hint He’s Your Boss)

According to Financial Education and Literacy Advisers, which designs workplace programs: “American workers spend an average of 28 hours a month researching personal financial issues. This lost productivity across an organization can be translated into real dollars—as...

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Tax breaks recommended for workplace financial education

Financial Education and Literacy Advisers CEO Blake Allison said the use of tax incentives to encourage businesses to provide financial education to their staff had “interesting” implications. “Ultimately it is important for society that people are financially secure – otherwise they depend on social services,” he said. “A tax incentive is one way to nip financial problems in the bud. There’s definitely a role for policy.”

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Compelling case for workplace financial education pre-auto enrollment

Employers must undertake financial education for their workforces before auto-enrollment kicks off, a behavioral finance expert argues. Financial Education and Literary Advisers chief executive Blake Allison – who advises US government agencies on financial literacy and the use of behavioral finance – said it would become harder to get employees to increase their contributions after they are auto-enrolled.

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